Introducing >>> Quiet Hollers

Posted: February 26, 2013 in Americana, Country, Folk, Music, Rock

Mad Mackerel Recommends...Quiet Hollers

I was drunk in a bar in Austin, but I could of sworn it was in Seattle

So starts Road Song, the opening track on Quiet Holler’s forthcoming debut album I Am The Morning, and while it clocks in at less than two minutes it is clear that this is going to be a record with tales to tell. A record of extremes – of despair and woes, of worn boots on dusty highways, but of hope and redemption too, but then when you consider that it was recorded inside a working funeral home, and by a band whose drummer’s neck was literally broken, it is perhaps not surprising.

With echoes as much of The Replacements as of Uncle Tupelo, the band spent the better part of a balmy Kentucky summer, together inside the walls of Kevin Ratterman’s Funeral Home Studio. Drummer Nick Goldring disobeyed his Doctor’s orders and recorded all his drum tracks while wearing a full neck brace, and nursing a teardrop fracture in his C4 vertebra – an injury sustained jumping from the top of a waterfall in rural Tennessee. And while five men recorded their first album together, families continued to honor their decedents in the rooms of the funeral parlor below.

That haunting solemnity isn’t hard to pick out of this album. Rather it is dripping with it.

Visit the band’s website here for album release details.

Download Quiet Hollers – Road Song mp3 (from I Am The Morning)

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