Introducing >>> Delta Mainline

MM Shorts 339: Delta Mainline

Any band that earns comparisons to Spacemen 3 and Spiritualized usually gets some ear-time at MM, and tho’ we’re often disappointed, this time Delta Mainline may just be the real deal.

However, this is not simply the work of slavish copycat merchants nor is it your common or garden druggy psychedelia. For while there are plenty of epic sonic soundscapes in evidence, there are also subtler more melodic forces at work, as well as some space age electronics and a healthy dose of hazy blissfulness that have drawn broader comparisons to the likes of Sparklehorse and The Beta Band.

All in all, this Edinburgh septet’s debut album Oh! Enlightened has enough imagination and originality about it to rise above the stoned fog and announce itself loud and clear.

Immerse yourself in Florentine Regime below, and order the album here.

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