UK Blog Sound of 2014 Results

UK Blog Sound of 2014

We were pleased to be asked to participate once again in the UK Blog Sound of 2014 – a poll of 59 UK music blogs to highlight some of the best emerging artists, and to provide some alternative thought and debate to the BBC’s Sound of list.

We were even more pleased to discover once the votes were counted that one of the three choices we were allowed, Marika Hackman came joint top together with Banks and singer-songwriter Sivu second.

marika hackmanMarika Hackman was first discovered for MM by Barry-Sean at the Green Man festival back in late-summer where her captivating performance in the Walled Garden meant we both went and bought her EP immediately from the Rough Trade tent.

Banks is an American musician who makes sultry modern sounding electronic R&B influenced pop. She was the ninth most blogged artist by UK based Hype Machine listed bloggers in 2013, and also features on the BBC Sound of 2014 poll, the very list that the Blog Sound of 2014 was designed to compliment.

Have a listen to all three below, including a duet from Marika Hackman and Sivu. You can check out the BBC’s list here.





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