New EP From The Hanged Man

Posted: February 17, 2016 in Alternative, Gothic, Indie, Music, Rock

The Hanged Man is the project of Rebecka Rolfart, who first made a new for herself in Swedish indie pop combo Those Dancing Days and Vulkano, before striking out on her own. As The Hanged Man she released a debut single First Time Dreaming in September 2014, which was quickly followed by the acclaimed debut EP First Quarter Moon in November the same year.

Now, over a year later, The Hanged Man are back with their new EP Lord Have Mercy, due on February 19 via Kning Disk.

The tracks on the EP are darker and more dramatic than previously, with themes revolving around transformation and liberation through darkness and death. Death doesn’t have to mean death as in dying, but as in change and how everything is part of goes in cycles. How a terrible ending can also be the start of something new.

Have a listen to Invincible Trees from the EP below.


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