Audio Antihero’s Unpresidented Jams Compilation for SPLC & NILC


Jamie at the ever wonderful Audio Antihero label has shared details of a new benefit compilation they’ve put together.

He says, “Because pretty much everybody in the world of politics right now is a totally evil scumbag, we’ve put together a wee compilation for Southern Poverty Law Center and the National Immigration Law Center.” – one sentence that pretty much sums things up…

It includes exclusive songs from Jeffrey Lewis, Yr Friends, Okin Osan, Pearl Crush, Magana, Benjamin Shaw, Cloud, Deerful, Tom from Frog and many others

They have set the minimum donation at an eminently reasonable £2.99 to hopefully make it affordable to everyone, but if you can pay a little more then you are encouraged to dig a little deeper. Buy it here.

Have a listen to a couple of tracks from it below, Jeffrey Lewis’ Dictator Seeks Reichstag Fire and long-standing MM fave Benjamin Shaw’s Hole.


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