Blitzen Trapper Announce Musical & Share Love Live On


Wild & Reckless is the title of a new musical from Americana stalwarts Blitzen Trapper that debuts in their hometown of Portland next month (opens 24th March at The Armory).

Frontman Eric Early told Entertainment Weekly, “It’s the story of a kid that comes to the city looking to play music, [but] instead he meets and falls for this girl; she turns out to be addicted to this opioid type drug…The drug’s origins are tied up with lightning as an energy source, the harvesting of lightning. [That] happens to impart certain strange abilities to the girl. At its core, it’s a love story, with this bizarre rabbit hole that this guy goes down following after this girl he loves.

The soundtrack will be available as a limited-edition LP (show sales only) containing all of the songs in the musical. It is a mix of older and new songs (it includes the wonderful Black River Killer amongst others) and the band have shared the excellent Love Live On from it.

Listen below. Get tickets here.


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