It’s Christmas… Festive Tune No 4: Marching Church

Danish outfit Marching Church have a Christmas carol unlike what you’d normally expect, but just the sort we like on MM.

Frontman Elias Bender Rønnenfelt had this to say regarding the dark theme of the single:

“Christmas On Earth” is a carol about parental kidnapping. Offering no background story to clarify the motives, we journey through the racing mind of a father in the midst of the disquieting act of having abducted his own children.”

Soon they’ll send out a search team 
And I know all hell awaits
She’s worried sick, of course she is
But I had to see them on Christmas day
As all the love that never came my way
And the triumphs that weren’t to be
By the time their presents are unwrapped
They’ll come knocking, looking for me

The 7″ single comes in a mail-order only edition of 500, with 250 of the copies being on green vinyl, and the other 250 being on red vinyl. And in keeping with the looming holiday season 100 copies of each variant will also come with a special Marching Church ornament. Order here.

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