Debut Album From Slum Of Legs

Almost five years ago we posted about Brighton’s Slum Of Legs, praising them for their brilliant, motorik punk and then, completely unnoticed by us, the band released their debut album at the end of March.

Across ten tracks, the six-piece band are as fierce and as uncompromising as ever, melding defiant dissonance and danceable disco into a sonic whirlwind that somehow manages to be as melodic as it is experimental and as fully formed as it is fragmented. It is a non-conformist shriek against the status quo, and a hymnal for outsiders.

Here are a couple of our favourite tracks from it: album opener Benetint & Malevolence and the lyrically brilliant The Baader-Meinhof Always Look So Good In Photos.

Hello to shame
You are my oldest flame
Hello disgust
You are the one I trust
Hello refusal
You’re just the same as usual
Hello contempt
You are the main event

Buy the album from Bandcamp here.



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