Monday Morning Round Up

We’ve been clearing up (or down, or out, or whatever the term is) our in-box over the weekend and from the plethora of remixes, ‘bangers’, and electro-pop that went straight into the trash we have picked these gems for you to set your working week off on the right foot… . Goldishack’s Devil Can Dance is a dark, fuzzed-out dirge, a tale of moral conflict … Continue reading Monday Morning Round Up

Eight Songs You Should Have Heard This Week

Our regular round up of the songs you really should have heard already this week, chief among them a brand new song from MM fave¬†Sharon Van Etten, a couple of cracking covers and a newly discovered Jason Molina song with Will Oldham and Alasdhair Roberts. Enjoy. 1. Sharon Van Etten – I Don’t Want To Let You Down 2. The Smoke Fairies – Steal Softly … Continue reading Eight Songs You Should Have Heard This Week