Monday Morning Round Up

Monday Morning Round-Up

We’ve been clearing up (or down, or out, or whatever the term is) our in-box over the weekend and from the plethora of remixes, ‘bangers’, and electro-pop that went straight into the trash we have picked these gems for you to set your working week off on the right foot…


Goldishack’s Devil Can Dance is a dark, fuzzed-out dirge, a tale of moral conflict and decay. It is the lead single off Devil’s Road (out this month), a collection of gritty, folk-infused rock from the Go Rogue Records roster that resonates with eerie intimations of the end times.


Charles Howl are a London-based brit psych-pop group with a brilliantly infectious and melodic sound. This track, Going Down With A Hi comes from forthcoming album Sir Vices and is one of our favourite tracks of the year so far.


Trent Halliday is a musician currently releasing material under the recording alias Three Days Dark. The second single from his forthcoming second album due in April is Some Days, a slow burning psych-rock sound, seeped in reverb and phase, with solid grooves, motoric rhythms and crafted noise. The B-side Violet Sunrise is a sprawling, almost freak beat track, with an uplifting kind of eclecticism inspired by 60s cuts from Os Mutantes, Pretty Things and the like.


Moon King have shared a second track from their forthcoming debut album Secret Life, which will be released on Last Gang Records on April 14th. A regular live opener, Apocalypse embodies the brittle emotional landscape and fraught, combustible energy which threads through the album. Beginning with the confession “Somehow I feel no release when I’m alone with anyone else / somehow I fall to pieces when I wake up to nothing where you should be“, the song builds in intensity and speed until overflowing in a rush of cathartic noise.


We’ve already posted the warm, engrossing fuzz of Best Friends’ single Shred Til You’re Dead. Next up is new single Fake Spit, to be released March 9th, showing that despite a seemingly effortless ability to kick things up through absorbing, head-shaking rhythm; a more melodic-wrapped approach also rests in their arsenal.


For contrast try the blue-collar cross-dressing boogie of Shake It Little Tina, it comes from Low Cut Connie’s new album Hi Honey, to be released on April 21 on Contender Records.


And lastly we have the first taste from the soul-searching new album from singer-songwriter Matthew The Oxx. Beyond The Gates is taken from the long player First Aid For The Drowning.


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