MM’s Covers Up Again

Here are a few more of the cover versions that have recently crossed MM’s path and are well worth a listen. First up, Stereogum have released an excellent tribute to the Strokes Is This It album featuring a whole host of buzzworthy bands and available completely free from their website. Just click here to grab it, or listen to Real Estate’s version of Barely Legal … Continue reading MM’s Covers Up Again

Mad Mackerel’s 2010 Top Ten Series: No 7, Mad Mackerel

Here at MM we share, chat, argue, bury and praise music on a pretty regular basis…like daily. So throughout the year, the Mackerel crew (Mrs Mackerel, Barry-Sean, Christy-Popper, Dr Roddy, Polly Pocket, Starbar, MM and others) keep their own ever-changing top tens ready for publication at the climax of the festive season. So here are MM’s ten favourite tunes from 2010 – no claims on … Continue reading Mad Mackerel’s 2010 Top Ten Series: No 7, Mad Mackerel

More from No Age

Fever Dreaming is the latest offering from No Age’s Everything In Between, and is hands-down our favourite track of theirs to date. It is a full on, take-no-prisoners punk rock anthem with a massive guitar riff, howling vocals that somehow remind me of the end of Anarchy In The UK, and brutal, pummelling percussive support. Absolutely marvellous. Buy the album direct from Sub Pop here. … Continue reading More from No Age

Mad Mackerel’s Post-Holiday Round Up

We’ve been away for most of the past two weeks and relying on forward scheduling posts for the most part, but it means we’ve missed out on some of the more recent releases. So a first quick trawl through the in box has picked out these three for you. First up is Glitter, the first single from the forthcoming No Age album Everything In Between. … Continue reading Mad Mackerel’s Post-Holiday Round Up