Rah Rah Release Little Poems Single

Posted: June 18, 2012 in Alternative, Indie, Music, Rock

Rah Rah Release Little Poems Single.

Little Poems, the new 7″ from Canada’s expansive indie-rock collective Rah Rah, is out via Hidden Pony Records. The band has previously given the digital version away as a free download and now they have also put out the b-side track from the single titled I Could Tell You I’m Sorry.

Little Poems has been released in preparation for their upcoming full-length album The Poet’s Dead, which will be available September 25th digitally, and October 23rd physically also via Hidden Pony Records.

The a-side dwells in the heavy complexity of relationships and being “poor, drunk and scared of being alone” told through a poetically skewed lens of life on the road, playing in a band, whilst the b-side is equally ambitious in texture and style.

Rah Rah draws a musical footnote from Neil Young while weaving an impressive amount of contemplation and maturity into their heart-on-their-sleeve songs and makes the album one to watch out for come the autumn.

Hear for yourself.

Download Rah Rah – Little Poems mp3 (from Little Poems 7″)

Download Rah Rah – I Could Tell You I’m Sorry mp3 (from Little Poems 7″)

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