Debut Album from the Lumerians

Transmalinnia is the name of the debut album from The Lumerians. For anyone not familiar with them, they tick the same boxes that you expect Wooden Shjips, Black Angels, and The Warlocks to tick – that being, obviously, the tick box for the more psychedelic end of the spectrum

Theirs is an alien landscape populated by synthesisers, tribal drums, futuristic guitar swirls and all cloaked in a foggy, spectral haze. Meditative drones, murky ritualistic rhythms, and layered vocals populate and abound, and the album is one to immerse yourself in, one that demands your full attention and then slowly, almost reluctantly, reveals its many hidden charms.

Transmalinnia is out now on Knitting Factory Records.

Download The Lumerians – Atlanta Brook mp3 (from Transmalinnia)

Download The Lumerians – Gaussian Castles mp3 (from Transmalinnia)

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